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Social impact with humanitarian aid & sustainable development

Humanitarian aid is a fundamental expression of the universal value of solidarity between people and a moral imperative. Among the people in need belong homeless, refugees, and victims of natural disasters, wars & famines.

Giving Back to Society

United\River Capital's strategy to give back to society includes helping poor communities thoughout the world by supporting non-profit, community-oriented projects carried out in the poorest and most forgotten corners of the world we live in - including but not limited to Central Africa, South Asia, and South America.

Sustainable Development

United\River Capital measures itself around a benchmark that's designed to help enhance and develop life, reduce suffering and provide education, healthcare enablement that are all well aligned with respect to human dignity and assure a sustainable development to those communities targeted. We also seek to address the underlying socioeconomic factors which may have led to a crisis or emergency.

For more information - and if you are a registered non-profit organization or NGO do not hesitate to contact United\River Capital and to submit your project plan and dossier of sponsorship.

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