The Quantitative Approach

Let us be clear, we do not have a crystal ball and no one can predict the future. With that out of the way there are empirical models and statistical biases that Wall Street run daily in order to maintain its edge in the financial markets.

We provide this alert service in order to help you and support your SMB (small and medium size enterprise) as well as you money managers (hedge funds, family offices, HNWIs, etc) to stand at the same or very similar playing field, and hence make more informed strategic decisions for your business. Our clients use this platform in order to judge with a good level of statistical significance as to whether a recession or an expansion is coming and often several months in advance.

The Recession\Watch service helps you and your SMB by eliminating most of the uncertainty about the direction the US & Global financial markets are taking and hence support good decision making. Built and maintained by United\River Capital Pte .Ltd., a Singapore based registered private investment firm ( The simple subscription fee covers access to the web portal for 12 months for 1 user (either to your finance team and/or C-levels and executives, etc). Monthly email updates are also provided along with access to the web portal.